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Singapore - still a pirate´s island?

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Singapore - still a pirate´s island?

Travelling to Singapore for the past 25 years, my wife and I were pretty disappointed after we visited the Lion´s City in October 2014.

Unfortunately we missed the old charm that this city once made unique. Tearing down many old, typically colonial buildings and creating new high rises or another luxury shopping mall. Singapore today could be any town, like Dubai etc., which desperately tries to attract mainly rich people, no matter at what cost.

On the other hand, after such a long experience not only concerning the city, but also the people who call themselves Singaporeans, I understand that many people living in such a small place, need to be distracted and have to be kept busy by new things at least every few years.

Having seen this City over such a long time and having seen all the changes for the past quarter of a century I also have a deep understanding for the way of life of Singaporeans.

Unfortunately many developments were followed by steep increases of prices for many things.

Hotels are, in the meantime, the most expensive ones in the world. Retail prices cannot compete with those of many central European countries, especially Germany, anymore.

So a digital camera as a souvenir would be definitely an expensive shopping experience.

But the one thing which still can be enjoyed at relatively low cost is the good food in an endless variety from almost all over the world, prepared with the cleanest water of South East Asia.

And Singapore is a pretty safe place with a low criminal rate.

Concerning cleanliness, well, I have seen many indications with my own eyes that this is not taken very serious. Just go to a park after a Sunday and take a closer look while you are walking on the grass. You know exactly what many people had for their lunch the day before. And cleaners from Bangladesh are very busy removing this trace on Monday.

The one thing that I do not like anymore is the incredible price-hike of hotel rooms.

If you want to sleep in a place other than a hostel, be prepared to spend at least 200 SGD a night. And this does not necessarily mean a 3-star-hotel.

Singapore becomes more and more `Anytown´ with a hefty pricetag.

So today the pirates are residing in high-rise glass and marble buildings, wearing hand-tailored suits. Their weapons are credit card machines charging incredible prices.

My wife and I will never return.

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1. AW: Singapore - still a pirate´s island?

@watchhans18, your report on today's Singapore is very interesting and I agree with a lot of points you mentioned.

But have you been aware you are posting in English and hits is a German language forum? So maybe not everybody will understand what you wanted to tell us.

If you'd like to inform a lot of people about your ideas on Singapore today maybe you should write it in German language...

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