Malaysia itinerary with a baby and plenty of time

Malaysia itinerary with a baby and plenty of time


Me and my wife are going to travel with our 6 Month old baby close backpacking style through Malaysia and would appreciate any idea, tips and suggestions on following itinerary. We are interested in nature, wildlife and local culture. We don’t have to see everything and would like to avoid as far as possible very touristy places. Because of small one, we would not go this time to Borneo and would move slowly through the peninsular.

We arrive to Singapore from Europe and would like to spend there 3 to 5 days. Though accommodation appears expensive to be there, we would like to take some time to rest after flight and get acclimatized. Any ideas on good value accommodation? Which area is to choose?

From Singapore we are considering going to KL. Should we take bus or train? Does it make sense to make a 1-2 days stop in Melaka or is it also reasonable to visit Melaka from KL? Which days are good for travel (Friday seems not, isn’t it)?

From KL we would like to go to Cameron Highlands and spend there 3 to 5 days. What is the best way to get there? Is Tanah Rata a good base? Would you recommend going to Genting instead of Cameron?

From Cameron Highlands we are heading to Taman Negara. Transportation is not clear for me yet. Also planning about 4 days in Taman Negara.

From Taman Negara to Kota Bahru (by Train?). Spending 3-4 days and flying to Penang. After 3-5 days in Penang we would fly probably to Krabi.

Do you think the itinerary make sense? Is something I am missing and worth to see / to do? Are any health issues (malaria etc. ) to be taken care of on the way? Any alternative transportation?

Thank you very much for advice.