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Cant decide :)

Moskau, Russland
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Cant decide :)

Dear all,

I can not quite make up my mind, I am planning a trip to Marocco (second one now) and I will do Fes and Chefchaoen for certain. From traveling distances Tanger would make the most sense, but I am hesitant whether its worth spending the night in. Would you be so nice as to share your overall experiences with me, in a sense - would I miss on something if I skipped it? Should I just go ahead and go to Casa or Rabat instead? (I have been to Marrakesh). Thank you all for help!

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New York
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1. AW: Cant decide :)

Dear Babina,

I have been to Morocco but not to Chefchaoen, so I can not be of any help for you.

On another note, do you realize that you posted in a german speaking forum? The language used in this forum is strictly german, so please in the future, either post in german (in case you do speak it) or look in one of the english speaking forums like the british or american one.

You will receive more answers since not everybody feels comfortable to write in English.

Good luck! Undine

Erfoud, Marokko
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2. AW: Cant decide :)

Hi there

if you want you can sign up with me and I'll steal a very special round trip for you in morocco

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