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Single girl traveling

Moskau, Russland
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Single girl traveling

Hey! A question you probably have heard a million times - but how safe/pleasant is it for a single Russian girl to walk around alone in Fes. Suggestions, tips, warnings etc .- much appreciated.

Thank you!

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1. AW: Single girl traveling

Hi Babina,

First of all a general remark: I would say Morocco is not more dangerous than any other place in Europe and even less dangerous than several shabby quarters in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona or wherever.

The same applies to Fès. I recommend that you concentrate on the Medina (old town) there. The new town is boring. The Medina in Fès is in fact a beautiful labyrinth. However as long as you stay on the main roads which lead you from up town to down town there is no problem with orientation (this should include the tannery quarter). If you would like to see more of the down town and the market there you should have a good sense of orientation as well as a very good map. Alternatively you could hire a guide. There are many guides available for little money. Maybe your hotel/Riad can arrange something. But you should compare the prices. Bargaining is a must in Morocco.

Think as long as you observe the behaviour pattern as it is normal for a single woman everywhere in the world you will not experience any problems. This does include that women avoid lonesome places at night. The uptown main „streets“ and palces of the Medina are well populated at night so women can stay there without any problems.

Sometimes young guys hound single women in the Labyrinth of the Medina. Even if this is just for fun it is nasty. The best way to solve such a situation is to contact some locals and ask for help. Usually they understand the situation without communication and help with some strict orders. But his happens rarely (and rather in Marrakesh). On the other hand some guys might offer guiding which could be quite helpful if you lost orientation. But be careful! Often they "guide" you to shops in order to get their trade fee. So if you accept such an offer please pay only afterwards when you arrived at your required location.

It goes without saying that tourists in a Muslim country should respect the local traditions. Tourists should avoid provocative clothes – „normal“ occidental clothes are appropriate.

There is no reason to be afraid.

Have a nice time in Morocco!

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