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travel to kauai with 4 kids

Hi all

I live in Switzerland and we are traveling to the U.S. for 16 days in the summer. We figured Hawaii is not so far, so we will be 8 days in L.A. and 7 days in Hawaii. After some research, it seems we will like Kauai. I got ourselfs a nice 2 br condo @ Waipouli beach resort.

Our kids are 6,5, 3 and a baby (all boys)

Since this will prob be our only trip to Hawaii I wanted some input on what we should do. I would like to do some activities, as well as chilling by the pool, beach. So here some questions-

Are there any hikes, that I can do and enjoy a nice view? (my kids walk 30 mins each way)

What actvities can I do with them?

I am considering taking a heli tour? Should we take one all together or just me and my wife and leave the kids with a babysitter?

Any other good tips you can give me for our situation


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