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Kiwi Camper - Wild West in NZ!! Consider wisely

Hamburg, Deutschland
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Kiwi Camper - Wild West in NZ!! Consider wisely

I have rented a Happy 2 camper for 20days/19nights in Feb 2016. I compared a number of companies and went by the price – well you get what you are paying for.

When things go smooth i.e. no accident, no breakdown etc you might have a good experience. However my Camper had 450k on the clock – your call how likely you think a breakdown might happen…

However if that’s not the case things go pear-shape big time – a shocking mix of incompetence and unprofessionalism.

On day four I had an accident as a result of which the camper was unable to drive and had to be towed back to the yard (the accident was not my fault – witnessed and recorded by the police).

1. Calling the office number I was given for such cases caused confusion what to do. After calling forth and back between headoffice and Auckland it turned out that towing in case of accidents is NOT covered – check the fine print – and hence I would have to pay for this. The police fortunately organised this as I still stood in the middle of the NH1 while no one from Kiwi had a clue what to do and how to organise towing. No procedure in place here!

2. A replacement car was not available and also – as I learned – I was not entitled for a replacement/compensation. (read the fine print)

3. Nevertheless a refund was granted for the remaining days I couldn’t use the camper. The amount was calculated rather arbitrarily to their favour – needless to say that my numerous attempts to get this corrected were ignored.

4. All I was left with was a doggy email confirming that the contract was released and a certain amount was transferred back to my account.

5. The 2000 NZD deposit for the insurance where taken in the second I recorded the accident (apparently they can move quickly if they want). Still waiting for an official invoice for the repairs undertaking and a reconciliation of the deposit (2000 NZD). Very unlikely that I will receive this.

6. I agreed with Kevin from the Auckland office (still not sure what position he has in this company but no decision is made without his consent) to get half of the towing refunded as it wasn’t clear for me in the beginning. However not surprisingly the money (130 NZD) never arrived. I called Kevin various times where he kept making things up why the money was not yet transferred but kept promising this would be done straightaway…which of course didn’t happen so I finally couldn’t bother anymore…

7. All in all I got away with a blue eye and cut my losses. It was shocking to see that no one seemed responsible when calling in and asking for clarification – everyone was referring to the other person (Kevin from Christchurch to Molly in Auckland and reverse and all together to the agent Ulf from Adventiv!

I have to say that Molly in Auckland kindly helped me to organise a replacement which we did function as a camper for the remaining days – so got out of the trip what I wanted.

Do yourself a favour and just Google Kiwi Campers – if you are still confident to jeopardise your vacation here go ahead! Not bad people but simply incompetent and incapable!

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1. AW: Kiwi Camper - Wild West in NZ!! Consider wisely

... why not post in German as this is a German language forum?

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