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Ruenkanok Thai House Fragen und Antworten

Kuala Lumpur


I plan to stay in the hotel in Dec but need to find out a few things on the hotel:-

1) Can I flush soiled toilet papers into toilet bowl or do I need to throw them in a bin?*

2) Are there a lot of mosquitoes in the room and around the hotel?

3) Does the hotel accept Visa/Master Card for payment without any surcharges?

(* Sorry to ask about the toilet because I had bad experience with toilets in other hotels in Thailand)

Will appreciate if anyone can share his/her experience on the above matters.

Thank you.

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Montreal, Kanada
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Sorry for delayed answer-- I dont log in much.

You can flush toilet paper in the toilet--but they also have a spray gun which reduces use of toilet paper. The plumbing here in Thailand is usually not made to whitstand lots of toilet paper, this is why the locals use bins.

You can pay with Visa no problem.

There are not many mosquitoes in the room. But because of the numerous pools/ water areas around the rooms, there are mosquitoes just outside.

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Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
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Firstly, we didn't have any issues of not flushing down the soiled toilet paper. Secondly, yes, there were quite a number of mosquitoes. Afterall, we went during d rainy season. But if u keep yr room door shut especially in d evenings, it should be ok. A mosquito repellant is a must. Finally, we did not use our credit card. Hence, I'm unable to answer yr final question. Otherwise, it's a lovely, lovely cozy place to be.

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