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Kungfu Chiang Mai
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Encinitas, Kalifornien10 Beiträge
Untrue response from the owner
Dez. 2019 • Allein/Single
Please look at my review.
I only asked for the return of the unused portion of my deposit back.

Please try to be honest, and read my review.

I only ask for the return of 11,000 Baht, due to that I was unable to train because you had to close the shop and I had to leave Thailand.

Verfasst am 28. Oktober 2020
Diese Bewertung ist die subjektive Meinung eines Tripadvisor-Mitgliedes und nicht die von TripAdvisor LLC.
Everything you said is not true at all. Please be mindful and inform the truths only. It is very difficult for us not to report this case to Thai Cybercrime Act if you don’t change what you wrote and explain yourself. To respond to your comments, we have to explain that you had requested to enroll into our Anvanced Teacher Course in order to be a teacher yourself. You have promised to study 300 hours and pay 120,000 baht before the course began There are many people would love to study Advancd Teacher Course in order to improve their skills quickly and finish the course within a short period of time. However, everyone is different. Some people want the best and highest course but only pay half first and other half later while some want to pay in installments but pay one time and disappear. This causes a lot of problems to the school. Therefore, paying full cost is required for every student. Studying Advanced Teacher Course with us means that you can use our school name for your business. Therefore, it is so important for us to make sure everybody passes the standard of our training and then receive the certificate and trust. There should be no problem at all if you are following the rules, focus on your practice and most importantly is to have a pure heart for the course. In your case, you have a request to pay in installments and asked for a lot of discount from 120,000 baht to 100,000 baht. You promised to pay 25,000 baht for four times. We said yes to you in order to help you because you said you have a monkey mind issue and wanted to learn Qigong to heal yourself. After your course began, you came to learn with Teacher Jade but the whole session of hour you kept talking, resist to listen and learn but speak and learn only what you want to learn. You put your conditions as a monkey mind person in the front and resist to communicate and learn which is already difficult. Teacher Jade has tried his best to teach you for ten times, however you still not able to listen and learn. Teacher Jade then told you to adjust your course from Qigong 150 hours and Tai Chi 150 hours to pure Tai Chi course 300 with Teacher Aum. You were happy because in Teacher Aum class you can behave the same way. This is the reason why you cannot study with Teacher Jade. The reason that you are not happy now is because you cannot get a full refund. These are reasons why you cannot get your refund. 1.You told us that you will have time for one year to study this course however you have been changing your words from one year to 10 months and 5 months. However, in the 300 hours course, it will require your time more than 6 months which you already agreed and accepted the rules. (You cannot use Visa issue as an accuse because we have locked time schedule for you. If things change it will affect other students’ time schedule respectively) 2.Teacher Jade told you that you can get your refund if you were not happy but you refused because you still wanted Tai Chi Course with Teacher Aum. However, instead of completing your course you then decide to go to complete a Qigong course in Pai and got your certificate.The problem is the time you went to Pai is the same dates we locked study time for you. Not only Pai, you continue your travel to the southern Thailand which make your study time that was already locked gone. After that, you had issue with your Visa and wanted a full refund. We wanted to help you by giving you back half which is 12,500 baht. However, you want it all 25,000 baht that you paid. For the 25,000 baht, you have already studied for 75 hours and you have 32 hours left. It is impossible to give you full refund because in the contract it was clear that we have No Refund policy and you already started learning for 75 hours. Due to the situation with Civid-19, Thai government doesn’t allow us to have classes. However, it is only a month or a few. If the situation comes back to normal you can still come and study. Now you then have problems with your Visa, you got your Qigong certificate from other school, and you want a full refund. This is not fair to our school at all. You cannot have your refund because you do’t manage your studying time not because you don’t like our course. The mistakes you did was that you promised to pay 4times each time 25,000 baht(100,000 baht in total) for 300 hours Course but you only paid 1 time 25,000 baht for 75 hours and now asking for full refund. You do not keep your promise and caused problem to our time schedule, our school name which means so much for our family. We wanted to help you so we gave you opportunity to study at a discount price but you talk badly about us. We have a lot of students and clients studied with us for more than 2,000 persons as the school has run for over 40 years. You are the first person who has this problem and it is a very small percentage. Please consider and think about this again. Money for 10,000 is not much for us but the reason you don’t get it is not because of money. It is because you don’t deserve it in this case. Teacher Jade suggests you that if you really want to learn and grow, you must pour out the water in your glass to make more space. Teachers are not there to follow your orders and teach only what you want as it will not make you a successful person. (We have evidence to prove everything what we said. One of them is that we have no-refund policy which you already accepted when you signed the contract) I have informed and prosecuted you. When you travel to Thailand again.
Verfasst am 4. November 2020
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Bangkok, Thailand5 Beiträge
Real Kung Fu
Apr. 2019
I trained with Master Jade both private and group class for about one year. I learnt the foundations of his technique including footwork, 7 fist form, stick technique and some kata. Jade's teaching is holistic in nature covering not just fighting but conditioning and philosophy of self defence and transcends on a deeper level than you'll find in sports martial arts. The school also offers Tai Chi and Qi Gong which I never tried but understand from others the teachers are also very good. Many Thanks, Martin
Verfasst am 11. März 2020
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Québec (Stadt), Kanada1 Beitrag
Cours de taichi
Feb. 2019
J'ai pris qulques lessons de taichi avec Aum, j'ai bien apprécié.Je les recommande tres fortement, si vous êtes a Chiang Mai quelques temps.
Verfasst am 28. November 2019
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Chiang Mai, Thailand5 Beiträge
Best Kung Fu in Chiang Mai
März 2019 • Allein/Single
I've trained Kung Fu and Muay Thai with many teachers, trained with Jade 1-on-1 for a year, left, went to practice 5 months in China and am back to study with Jade. The quality of his training is far superior to anything I've seen in China, and none of the teachers even have the basic details of how to throw a real punch with power or apply distance, block and counter-attacks in real life situations. If you're looking for Qi mastery, practical real-life self-defense and mastery over yourself, he's the real deal, 7th generation from traditional Chinese family lineage. Due to the cultural revolution in China, this knowledge is extremely difficult to find even in China (where you'd pay a LOT more). You go to a Shaolin Temple in China for a year and the master won't teach you much nor give you much attention. Jade is very generous is sharing knowledge and has a very good heart. Many come back to him after going to China. His 2 sisters are also very good teachers from same lineage. One is Tai Chi champion in Thailand for 8 years straight.
Verfasst am 6. März 2019
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Petra Baumberger
Zürich, Schweiz16 Beiträge
Excellent Qi Gong-lesson for beginners
Jan. 2019 • Paare
We (group of two) booked three Qi Gong beginner-lessons at Kung Fu Chiang Mai. Julie, the Qi Gong-teacher, has a huge knowledge about Qi Gong (and Tai Chi and Kung Fu as well) and teaches in a very smooth and patient way. She gave us a very good introduction into Qi Gong. We never did Qi Gong before, and now are motivated to continue our practice at home. We felt very good in our bodies after the lessons and highly recommend the school to everyone who wants to try Qi Gong.
Verfasst am 24. Januar 2019
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Bangkok, Thailand2 Beiträge
Excellent Qi-Gong lessons
Okt. 2015 • Allein/Single
I HIGHLY recommend taking 1-on-1 Qi-Gong lessons with Gai. She is patient, and teaches thoroughly. If you want to learn Qi-Gong in Chiang Mai - this is the place!
Verfasst am 20. März 2016
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heston p
Thailand7 Beiträge
Kind, patient and warm hearted teacher
Sep. 2014
I spent 6 weeks training in Chi Kung with Ajarn Gai, the senior teacher at Kung Fu Chiang Mai and I have to say it was an amazing experience! I will be returning very soon to continue my studies with Ajarn!
Verfasst am 7. Juli 2015
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mata m
Naarden, Niederlande102 Beiträge
Leuke 5- daagse cursus Qi Gong!!
Nov. 2014 • Familie
In onze vakantie hebben we een vijfdaagse curses Qi gong gedaan en het is ons zeer goed bevallen. Omdat we graag iets wilde doen op dit vlak zijn we zijn gewoon eens binnen gelopen. We hadden een aantal adressen op geschreven waar je Thai Chi/ Qi Gong kon volgen. Voor op de straat stond een informatie standaard over wat ze voor cursussen hadden en zijn eens een kijkje gaan nemen. na wat info van een aardige dame, mochten we boven kijken en hadden we gelijk de keuze al gemaakt om de cursus te volgen. De lerares is flexibel qua tijden en we wilden graag in de ochtend als het nog niet zo warm was. Ze runt met haar zoon de school, die doet weer de actievere vormen, zoals Kung Fu. Je kunt ook certificaten krijgen voor de trainingen die je hebt gevolgd in Thai Chi. Het ziet er professioneel uit en het is echt heel fijn om te doen.
Verfasst am 16. November 2014
Diese Bewertung ist die subjektive Meinung eines Tripadvisor-Mitgliedes und nicht die von TripAdvisor LLC.
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