Roscoff's Wine Seller

Roscoff's Wine Seller

Roscoff's Wine Seller
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70 im Umkreis von 5 Kilometern
28 im Umkreis von 10 Kilometern

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retraitée8 Beiträge
petit séjour a Roscoff
Aug. 2013 • Paare
Roscoff est jolie petite ville, avec ces vieille pierres, ces églises et chapelles, le port avec ses canons, superbe vue sur les iles.
La pointe de Perharidy, magnifique a découvrir a pied, par marée basse, ainsi quand hauteur sur le chemin des douaniers vue a 360° sur toute la côte.
Les bons petits restos , ainsi que de jolies boutiques.
A découvrir le jardin exotique et botanique, avec des fleurs magnifiques.
Enfin, une douceur de vivre et le bon air.
Petit séjour a recommander en amoureux.
Verfasst am 16. September 2013
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Peter K
Torquay, UK138 Beiträge
Are they still trading?
Juni 2013 • Paare
We have visited Roscoff's Wine Seller many time over the past ten years and have always come away with some lovely wine at attractive prices. The house reds and whites - Bin 39 - have been especially good value and very tasty.

However, on the last two occasions we have tried to visit - September last year and June 2013 - the premises have been closed. This week we noticed a forlorn notice on the gates saying that they were closed 'for some days', but it looked weather-beaten and may have been there for some while. The website seems to have disappeared, too.

We hope the closure is only temporary. Peter and Heather provided an excellent service - far better than the other uncaring wine sheds in the area. If anyone has news, perhaps they could let others know through Tripadvsor - it was a good little business which deserves support if and when it re-opens.
Verfasst am 30. Juni 2013
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Eric B
Stroud, UK54 Beiträge
A handy place to stock up with wine when going to the ferry port.
Aug. 2012 • Paare
We passed through Roscoff for the first time this summer on our way back to the UK. As our ferry to Portsmouth left early on Sunday morning, we thought we ought to check the route to the ferry port, and in so doing came across the Roscoff Wine Seller.

Unlike the sort of establishments you find, or used to find, around the Calais area, this one is quite modest. If you want a large selection of plonk at rock bottom prices, they haven't got any. What they do have is a nice selection of mainly French AC wines at reasonable prices, so we filled up the remaining spaces in our Honda CRV with a few cases. Back in the UK, and a few bottles of wine later, we realised what a good buy we'd made - without exceptions, everything was excellent quality for the price we'd paid.

The Wine Seller is easy to find, and you can park easily right in front of the warehouse, so loading up is easy. The English proprietor is friendly and helpful, without being intrusive, and the walls are decorated with various pieces of wit and wisdom relating to drinking in general and wine in particular.

We will certainly be calling in next time we are in Roscoff, and we would advise others to do so and buy with confidence.
Verfasst am 13. November 2012
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