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79 Bewertungen
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Kalin F
18 Beiträge
Juli 2022
I booked this tour for my daughter for her last day in Norway. This was a great experience for her as a solo traveler to get away from Bergen and see the country-scape of Norway. She had an excellent time from the very start at the bus station in Bergen. Seats on the bus & trains were comfortable and not at all over crowded. She had a great time on the safari excursion and over all really enjoyed this scenic full day adventure. Thank you to the tour coordinators!
Verfasst am 16. August 2022
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Jacob G
1 Beitrag
Juli 2022
This was an excellent tour, though there are a few things I would recommend knowing before participating. I participated in the Standard Extra Tour, which included the 14km bike ride, safari boat tour, and kayak trip. Let me start off by saying this was, without a doubt, the most magical trip. The fjords are beautiful, and each experience was better than the next. I would highly, highly recommend participating in this trip!

With that said, there are a few things I wish I knew in advance of the tour. First, this is very self-directed; you are responsible for getting yourself from one place to the next, and there really isn't anyone on staff in attendance to help you out. I began my trip by taking the train from Bergen to Myrdol, and just behind the train station (outside) near the cafe was an individual who fitted us for our bikes. We then were told to follow a path to begin the 14km bike ride.

A few other reviewers had mentioned that the beginning is quite steep. They were absolutely correct. For someone who had not been on a bike in 10+ years, it was a bit challenging, though not impossible. There are a number of quick turns, and it was a bit frightening. Do not be afraid to get off the bike and walk any parts that feel too steep. There are some other places early on, like a dark tunnel without lights, where you also may feel a desire to walk with your bike instead. Once you get past the beginning, it is mostly smooth sailing.

In the timetable, you are given roughly 2.5 hours to complete the biking portion of the day, with extra time before the fjord safari tour. This amount of time also includes opportunities to stop and take pictures. About 1 hour into the bike trip, my group had gone 1.5 km and had 13 km to go, so we had to hustle to finish and make it on time. That was especially disappointing as the photo opportunities were far better later on in the ride. I would encourage riders to go a bit more quickly at the start to ensure you can more leisurely see the sites in the second half, and take advantage of the beautiful scenery.

The fjord safari was excellent -- beautiful, lush scenery and great tour guides. I would recommend purchasing a phone protector that goes around your neck to avoid feeling like it will fly off at any given moment.

I would HIGHLY recommend adding on the kayaking portion to this adventure. While a 3 hour kayak trip may seem like a lot, the first hour is spent kayaking to a specific point, the second hour is a BBQ lunch, and the third hour is returning to the starting place. This is your opportunity to really see everything up close; I was very emotionally moved by the wonder of the nature, and felt like I was living inside a screensaver! This was my favorite portion of the day, and I would highly recommend it.

All in all, this was a great tour. I wish I knew just how self-directed it was, and that the bike portion was a bit more challenging than I anticipated. That being said, even for someone who doesn't consider themself to be the most athletic / active, I am so glad I did this tour. It was absolutely my favorite part of the trip, and I cannot recommend it enough!
Verfasst am 16. Juli 2022
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Boca Raton, FL25 Beiträge
Juli 2022 • Paare
Today we went on a cruise ship excursion that was being handled locally by Norway Active.

The cruise ship made a mistake and Norway Active didn't have enough bikes. The owner stayed with us personally and pulled in favors to get us bikes. He then personally escorted us down the mountain.

Norway Active is a very reputable company and you shouldn't hesitate to book with them.

We would use them again.
Verfasst am 15. Juli 2022
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Morag T
Teddington, UK91 Beiträge
Juni 2022
We were signed up for the Bergen Standard Extra trip. It was a truly amazing day but organisationally not ideal. We’d be sent all the info, including train tickets in advance. All was fine, we got the train which in itself is an experience as you are going through stunning scenery. Got to Myrdal where we were told we’d be collecting our bikes. I’d assumed at this point we would be meeting a guide as this is what the website stated. No, we were thrown some bikes and gruffly pointed in the direction we were supposed to go and told to leave the bikes at Flam station by the hut with the company logo on. The start of the trail is steep, gravel covered hair pin bends down the hill. We did NOT enjoy this bit. We have no experience of mountain biking but are confident cyclists on the road. My 15 year old son was not happy at all, the back end of his bike went and he got really nervous. We contemplated walking back up and getting a train but decided to persevere. Very glad we did as after the first awful 20min (and by the way it wasn’t just us, there was another lady who set off at the same time as us who wasn’t enjoying it either), it was great. Very easy cycling with the most stunning scenery, really worth while doing but be prepared for a hairy start if you are not used to mountain biking. Most of it is a track but you do pick up a road nearer the bottom. I was also very nervous about time as obviously we didn’t know where we were or how long it was going to take as we had no guide and had been very slow on the first bit. It did take from some of the enjoyment. There is also a health and safety element, we were given no numbers to contact if we’d either had an accident which could easily of happened or get a puncture. When we got to the station we were unable to find anywhere to drop the bikes back off. We saw where a couple who had also set off with us had left their bikes on a fence so we added ours to theirs. Presume they were collected ok as we didn’t hear anything but not the best system. At least we could see the Fjord Safari place and had time to go and grab a coffee/ice cream before joining that. It was all very efficient. You are given all in one warm suits which just go over whatever you are wearing as well as a hat and ski style goggles. All to make sure you stay warm which they did. Great being out on the fjords and being told some facts about the local area. And we were dropped off at the start of the kayaking. Most groups we saw were wearing wetsuits. We weren’’t which we all loved. We were given neoprene boots, life jackets and a spray skirt. You are out in double kayaks although they do have some singles. We were lucky that the sun was coming out and it was a beautiful day. Our guide was very relaxed and it was a friendly group of 10 of us. We kayaked up the fjord which is stunning and the water glassy flat. We eventually went ashore and had fajitas (with gluten free wraps for my son and I), tea/coffee/juice and biscuits. Before kayaking back. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for us. However, this is where the organisation again fell apart. How were we getting to Voss for the train? Information said we’d be collected. There were also 8 other people expecting to get to Voss too. A lot of confusion and we were eventually taken to some buses who said they didn’t have room for us. After a bit of to and froing they decided between the 2 buses they could fit us all in so we jumped on. The bus was obviously busy and we couldn’t sit together but we were grateful to be getting to Voss. It was a tedious journey including a 15min stop at a hotel before getting to the station. Really not what we’d anticipated when told we’d be transferred and traumatised my son who then didn’t want to get on a bus for the rest of the trip. But we made it to Voss and were able to get the train home. So summary of the day was that it was a totally amazing day but the organisational side of things was not ideal.
Verfasst am 8. Juni 2022
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Paul R
1 Beitrag
Mai 2022
Buyer beware. There is no margin for error as a consumer. Make sure you have the right address. The confirmation notice gives you the address of an office building. When I asked if that was the address, they sent a fuzzy map. Still no address. I finally, figured it out. The signage for the store is sketchy. I missed it and eventually turned around. When I arrived 30 min. late the owner was already gone. I called and was told no refund and no flexibility to reschedule. Also, my wife was ill and was told I should have travel insurance. Not a bad way to make 1500 kr in less than 30 min. if you don't care about the customer. (It was also pouring rain and I'm sure he was relieved to not have to bother.)
Verfasst am 13. Mai 2022
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Lucas K
Kopenhagen, Dänemark3 Beiträge
Juli 2020 • Allein/Single
Purchased the full package consisting of Mountain Biking, Fjord Safari and White Water Rafting. Amazing experience. Can’t recommend this enough!
Also a shout out to Knut who was extremely helpful with replying on text if any questions. Had a stellar experience!
Verfasst am 25. Juli 2020
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Perth, Australien35 Beiträge
Mai 2019
Knut and team organised our Bergen to Bergen trip, covering Flambana, Myrdal, inflatable motorised boat trip between Flam and Gudvangen, and a stopover at Voss that let us see Fleischer's Hotel on our way back...impeccable organisation and a thrilling adventure with amazing scenery. Everything just flows, even though some parts are self-guided.
Verfasst am 19. Dezember 2019
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Whanganui, Neuseeland1.632 Beiträge
Sep. 2019
We booked a Bergen to Bergen package, a self-guided trip from Bergen to Bergen and including the Flam railway and a fjord safari. We collected the tickets the day before and just turned up at the station the next day. On the train we met another couple doing the same trip and kept meeting each other and chatting as the day progressed.

The first stop was Myrdal where we were to catch the Flam Railway down to Flam. The railway, while relatively short, is a beautiful trip. There are many things to see and the stop at the Kjosfossen falls was also fun. The dancing spirit and the music were fun to watch, while the sound and power of the falls was a constant in the background.

We deliberately booked our trip to travel on a day when there was extra time in Flam. The amount of time does differ depending on the time of year and even the day, so it pays to check on this. More time in Flam is brilliant as it gives you time to visit the museum and get a bite to eat at one of the great restaurants.

Next was the best bit of the day was the FjordSafari. While I am a train nut and booked primarily to do the Flam Railway, the things I remember most of this particular trip was the time with FjordSafari.

From the beginning with getting fitted with safety gear the team were excellent. Once on board, our guide, Per, was excellent. Being local he combined fascinating glimpses of local life, with a strong knowledge of the history and geology of the area too. His skill with the boat was also amazing. It was also very good how for important bits he came to the front of the boat so no-one had to bend around, and he also took the time to answer all questions. There were so many photo opportunities and so many beautiful views.

From here there was a mini-bus trip back to Voss and then a train back to Bergen. While the bus driver back was great, we had real concerns about the safety of the vehicle. By this time the weather had turned and there was very heavy rain. Yet the windscreen wipers on our vehicle were not working. The driver had to stop at times as he could not see at all, but as we were working to a time limit he then had to push on with very limited visibility. This was a little scary given the amount of traffic and some tight corners.

Overall the trip was great and I totally recommend it for anyone, I just hope they have the mini-bus fixed quickly.
Verfasst am 6. Dezember 2019
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Sep. 2019
This trip is worth every penny would highly recommend this company .
From start to Finnish everything ran really smoothly, we started at Bergen which was very straightforward then onto the flam railway which was fantastic with breathtaking scenery. At berkvam we got off where a member of the Norway active team was waiting for us with every size mountain bike and helmets all high spec and very well maintained after a short brief we cycled for an hour through the valley down to fram where we were met by the rib boat team...suited and briefed we entered the fjord AMAZING...our driver was very informative and did a few small stops along the way until we reached the end where we were met by our kayak guide...suited and booted once again with everything we needed we headed off up the fjord for about an hour then stopped for a well earned break ate our hot lunch which was chicken fajitas cooked and served by our guide and then headed back to which we were driven back to Voss train station. Every single member off staff throughout this day were top class and would definitely use this company again when visiting Norway. Thankyou Norway active for making our trip so memorable
Verfasst am 2. Oktober 2019
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Kendall Park, NJ17 Beiträge
Sep. 2019
I just returned from the Bergen round trip version of this. Oh boy, that was FUN! Especially fun was the Fjord Safari portion. We suited up to stay warm (it was for flotation, really, but it kept me warm in the wind) — they even had gloves and hats! It was so much better than the mellow deck-style slower boats the other tour offers. It makes a big difference to have that excitement. We were close to goats and birds and touched the waterfall. I thought the long train rides would be exhausting and boring. They weren’t with those beautiful views all along the way, not just on the Flåm train.
Everything was well planned and communicated. My questions were answered promptly. Really well done.
Verfasst am 17. September 2019
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