Naturkunde Museum Ostbayern

Naturkunde Museum Ostbayern, Regensburg

Naturkunde Museum Ostbayern
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Regensburg, Deutschland104 Beiträge
Mai 2019 • Familie
The target audience for this museum is clearly German school aged children, as opposed to foreign tourists. As an American in Germany for a multi-month stay, however, I was looking for something to occupy my kids for part of a day, so we walked to this museum, and spent close to 2 hours there. The thing my 8 and 11 year old enjoyed most was an exhibit that surrounds you on three sides with a life-like nature/wilderness display. A kiosk with many buttons is in the middle and for each button pressed, a laser light points at the the represented animal in the display (anything from small insects you don't even see at first, to larger mammals). This interested my children for at least 45 minutes of our stay--plus improved their German vocabulary for animals. The honey bee exhibit with 3D television video of the inner workings of a hive was also of interest.
On the less than positive side, when we arrived at the museum the staff seemed genuinely surprised that we were there, to the point that I asked if they were open. When the desk attendant realized that I didn't speak German, she warned us that all the exhibit text was in German, in a way that seemed like she wanted to discourage us from coming in. We also had to leave our back packs up front and no pictures were allowed. In short I was a bit nonplussed with the reception we received.
To sum up, if you are simply on a vacation and want to hit high points in Regensburg, this isn't a major attraction. If you are in a situation where you are on a longer term stay and want something educational for your kids to do for part of the day, then it's worth checking out.
Verfasst am 11. Juni 2019
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