Regensburger Taendlerei
Regensburger Taendlerei
Fachgeschäfte & Geschenkläden • Antiquitätengeschäfte
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Milwaukee, WI306 Beiträge
Nov. 2016 • Freunde
If you are looking for something authentically Bavarian or European, this is a must-see as there are displays of thousands of items that range from the very old/antique to modern. Shops owned by this couple are dotted on several streets in the same vicinity of Regensburg. Window displays are tempting. Merchandise ranges from rare to the more common. There seems to be a little bit of everything for you, from religious icons to miniature collectibles for dollhouses. This is not, a "touristy" shop with cookie-cutter items, however it is frequented by tourists, for sure. So why the low, overall rating?

Despite the variety, prices are high. I'm sure if you are a collector and you have found the one piece that's missing from your collection, you won't mind paying for it. I learned from the owner that most of the merchandise is garnered from estates: "Sellers seek us out. They know they can get their money right away. We seem to get the cream-of-the-crop merchandise." I found an unmarked item in the shop and asked the price; it was a Christmas ornament. The owner blurted a price. I thought I would look around a bit more. Then I found a like ornament with the price tag on it. It was priced $5 lower than the price the owner quoted. As a matter of principle, I passed on the ornament.

As I said there are a few shops owned by the same couple. Not all shops are (wo)manned by any clerks. In fact, some are locked with only the opportunity to window shop. If you see an item that you care to purchase, you need to find the owner to open the shop. S/he may be next door or across the way. It seems a bit of an inconvenience especially when you have a timetable to follow. Why not just hire some employees?

I did find some unique treasures to purchase. In fact, I spent several hundreds of dollars. When I checked out, I asked the clerk (an employee down the street!) if they honored the VAT policy. She told me that she would prepare all of the paperwork for me before I left. I picked up the global refund guide and followed the directions to a tee. At the airport, before I left for the States, I had my paperwork inspected and stamped. I was directed to send the paperwork back to the shop for the VAT refund. After several communications on my part, I waited for a refund. The shop boasts of its customer service on its website: "We are a real family business and service is our forte." I guess not. It's been almost 3 months that I've waited for a refund. I guess I could write "SUCKER" on my forehead. Kind of took the fun out of the treasures I had found.
Verfasst am 21. Januar 2017
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