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Antoniou Winery
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London, UK10 Beiträge
Has been shut down!
Sep. 2011 • Freunde
We visited this winery on the way up to the town but it was closed.
We were informed that has been remain closed over a year since and no one knows for sure if and when will re-open again.
Verfasst am 11. März 2012
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Rita C
Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate4 Beiträge
Sep. 2011
Good Variety of wines.I liked a lot the entrance all the way to the exposition hall between the grape trees from both sides.The people there were very welcoming.I recommend this winery.
Verfasst am 2. März 2012
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Florida City, FL6 Beiträge
Delicious wine, breathtaking views
Juli 2011 • Paare
We watched two sundowns here and man we did not want to leave here either. The terrace catches the glorious sun, there was a gentle breeze and the ambiance just personified all things good relaxed and godlike...Waiters extremely attentive although we only drank here and absorbed the views. Do not let this breath taker pass you by if in Santorini..
Verfasst am 25. Juli 2011
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Chicago, Illinois31 Beiträge
Beautiful Views & Fun Atmosphere"
We chose to have our wedding reception at Antoniou Winery in July 2010, after reviewing venues with our wedding planner (Shirley Chiarolanzio from Santorini Wedding Planners - she was fantastic). It was a breathtaking location, and great to have the option of indoor and outdoor areas. Let me tell you why.

Our wedding ceremony was at Anastasi Greek Orthodox Church in Imerovigli - it was a breathtaking church and setting and the perfect size for our group of 45 people. The wedding was at 6 p.m. and we bussed everyone to Antoniou for the reception at 7:30 so they had time to enjoy the views and sunset before dinner.

The winery is cliffside with a great view; however you can only see the sunset from the top of the actually descend some stairs to the dining/dancing area. We used Antoniou's bar service and they set a bar up at the top during that time so the views could be enjoyed. Don't get me wrong - the views are still great from other areas, but for the sunset you had to be at the top of the stairs.

We hired a separate caterer for the event and they set up down the stairs near the kitchen so unfortunately the guests did have to go back and forth, but no one seemed to mind. I did warn all guests in advance to bring sandals because the walk around the place was tedious - between the stairs and the cobblestones the right shoes were necessary for comfort. Even the bathroom was down a separate flight of steps. It's a great venue but would not work if you had people with special needs (elderly, etc.) with you. Everyone was happy they had flippers.

We really wanted to have our full reception outside, however the day of the wedding it was just too windy - literally stuff would have blown off the table if we were outside so we had to move in. Luckily they had a nice inside space, so we just had dinner in there, and then moved outside after dinner for dancing. The DJ and Bar we're set up out there the whole time, and it worked out well - no one got too hot dancing and we had more room since the tables we're inside. I would never want to take the chance on an outside party without having a backup plan so I'm glad that we had one. However, we pretty much filled the room with our 7 tables and the food, so I don't know if that space would work if you were a much bigger party.

Happy to answer questions about our experience at Antoniou and in general, so feel free to reach out. Our wedding planner did an excellent job and I would recommend her to anyone, particularly if you are looking for something a little different. All the vendors she subcontracted we're great also (hair, dj, boat cruise, etc.) Also, everyone raved about the food at the reception, so I would recommend our caterer as well (Spicy Bites). They also catered a boat cruise we did with guests - in that case the food was so-so (sandwiches) but the service was excellent and a good value.
Verfasst am 20. August 2010
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Darlington7 Beiträge
Stunning setting
We have just returned from Santorini where we were married at Antoniou Winery. I am so glad that we chose this winery and not Santo Winery which is not as private and does one wedding after the other.

Upon arriving on the island Michael (our wedding planner met us to go through final details and to take us to the winery for us to have a look round. I also liked the fact the venue had an indoors incase of inclement weather. Anything you asked for was no problem to Michael.

The day arrived and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. The winery had been beautifully decorated. The view was breathtaking and we got some fantastic photos.

We also held our reception at the winery. The food was delicious (although it would have served double the amount of guests we had - best to have too much than not enough i suppose) and the staff were really freindly and kept the wine/soft drinks topped up. Our wedding cake was also delicious. We opted not to get a band/disco and took our own music played via our own ipod speakers and the toliets were the best I'd been to on the whole island.

All our guests commented on how it was such a romantic/breaktaking setting and I would highly recommend being married here (and using the wedding planners mentioned above).
Verfasst am 8. Oktober 2009
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UK3 Beiträge
The BEST place to get married in Santorini
My Fiancee and I have just returned from our wedding in Santorini. First of all, we wanted to say that there is no better place to get married in the world! It was the most romantic, lovliest place with fantastic food, gorgeous views and crystal clear sea. Paradise!

For our wedding we did alot of research. We first looked at the most popular place, Santo Winery to get married. We did not like Santo Winery for the following reasons. They have one wedding after another during the day, sometimes up to 5 weddings and we felt that we didn't want our wedding to feel so unpersonal with a bride and groom and entourage queuing up behind us. Also Santo Winery is massive with wine tasting throughout the day, you just never feel that you get privacy. It is cheap for a reason and feels cheap too.
We also looked at upmarket boutique hotels along the Caldera, (Caldera views are a must to get married in Santorini! the view takes your breath away!! trust me!) . The problem with them is that the places to get married are usually around the pool, again you get on-lookers and never feel that it is private, nothing worse than people in their swimming trunks while you are geting married!! :-) Also, hotels are hotels, not wedding venues, so they run as hotels as their prime business.
Santorini is world famous for its wine, and we were keen on a winery that mixed the sea views and a unique settng. We then checked out Antoniou Winery and it was picture perfect, absolutely gorgeous and exactly what we wanted. Romance, privacy and a stunning view. Yes, it is a bit more expensive but it is soo, so worth it. We had the place to ourselves. It has an unspoilt view and also indoor space that can cater too and sheltered from the wind, which I am told, can wreak havoc at some venues with a brides hair!!
We had lots of fun on the island to, the boat trip to the volcano is pretty cool, you get to see an active volcano and also we enjoyed hiring quad bikes to travel round the island. Santorini has the added bonus of an airport on the island which is great and also you can island hop to nearby islands such as Naxos.
Our guests had a fabulous time and were so pleased we had chosen Santorini and Antoniou winery as our wedding location as Santorini is one of the top ten places to go to! All in all, sunshine, romance and fun, what more could you want?!
Verfasst am 7. Juli 2009
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Manchester, UK19 Beiträge
A review of our wedding at Antoniou Winery
A review of our wedding at Antoniou Winery, Santorini.

In February 2006 we started planning our wedding in Santorini to take place at sunset on Friday 18th May 2007. After looking at brochures and websites we decided that Antoniou Winery looked like our favourite location. Unfortunately there were no reviews from anyone who had actually got married at Antoniou so once we had selected it as our location I promised myself we would write one on our return! Our plan was to have the ceremony and reception in the grounds of the winery with our 41 guests in tow.

After contacting several co-ordinators over the internet we decided to use Michael at weddings-in-santorini, partly because we were impressed with the website (that's where we first found the pictures of Antoniou), partly because he answered all our e-mails so quickly, partly because the costs he quoted were more competitive and partly gut instinct! We couldn't have made a better choice and would warmly recommend Michael if you are looking for a wedding co-ordinator. I think I almost drove the poor man crazy with all my e-mails (I fully admit to being a neurotic bridezilla at times), but he was very patient and helpful and did everything he could to set my mind at rest every step of the way.

I called Michael on our arrival in Santorini and he arranged to pick us up the following day to see the location and go through the arrangements. The venue was simply fantastic. Michael and Elena talked us through what would happen and we talked them through our special requests and readings etc. We were in Santorini for a week before the wedding and, as we had organized a coach for our guests, Michael even came to see us again to personally show us the pick up points for all the different hotels in Kamari.

Unfortunately the only thing we couldn’t control was the weather and we had three days of freak wind and rain (the day before, the day of, and the day after the wedding – typical!!!). Michael had called to warn me the day before the wedding that we may have to move the reception inside, I was upset but willing to take his advice and he very kindly left it as late as possible before making the final decision. The morning of the wedding it rained and at 2pm on the wedding day we finally agreed that it was the most sensible thing to do. Fortunately the rain stopped at about 2.30pm and didn’t start again until about 7.15pm, so we managed to have the ceremony and photos outside as originally planned (Yay!) before moving inside for the reception.

The location is stunning, just the way it is in the photos and we were lucky that we had chosen Antoniou because we had the option to move inside (you do not have this option at some of the other locations). Thankfully we didn’t have to move the ceremony indoors but it was reassuring to know we could have. We had taken options for a floral arch, red carpet, floral stands, covered chairs etc which really did make it very special. The hall where the reception took place was actually very nice and didn’t feel like an emergency measure at all. We had arranged flower/candle centerpieces which looked fantastic and they had added additional hurricane lamps which made it feel very rustic and intimate – lovely!

All our guests said the wine and hot buffet were great and we had loads of comments about our delicious wedding cake (thanks again to Michael for the recommendation). My bridesmaid in particular thought the DJ was great and kept asking for requests even after the last dance!

We had a wonderful time, and our guests assure us they did too (in spite of the dodgy weather), with many of them planning to return to Santorini in the future.

Any negatives? A couple of small ones but nothing major. The area where the ceremony took place could have done with a sweep (which could have been largely to do with the stormy weather). Also, the photographer took some great pictures but he somehow managed to get in between me and my flowergirl/bridesmaids as we walked down the stairs to my waiting groom and became part of the wedding procession (probably wouldn’t have been so bad if he’d been smartly dressed but he sticks out a bit in his jeans and leather jacket!). To be honest, with everything that was going on, I barely noticed but a couple of guests commented and it did look quite funny on the wedding dvd (which was fantastic by the way). Obviously, this is something you could speak about beforehand if you were worried. Gives you a story though doesn’t it? Makes me laugh every time I see it!

Any advice? – use Michael (and his assistants)! Any time I had a question he answered it (and I had loads!). I must have got costs for every option going and only went with about half of the stuff I asked for, but nothing was too much bother. Any time I asked for advice he gave it and all the advice he gave was great. At all times he was in control of everything that was going on. All you worried, fretting brides-to-be, don’t worry, you can trust this man with your wedding!

Verfasst am 31. Mai 2007
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