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“Sauberkeit ist ein Problem” 1 von 5 Sternen
Bewertung zu Castello della Castelluccia

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Castello della Castelluccia
4.0 von 5 Hotel   |   Via Carlo Cavina, 00123 Rom, Italien   |  
Nr. 257 von 1.267 Hotels in Rom
London, Vereinigtes Königreich
1 Bewertung
2 "Hilfreich"-<br>Wertungen 2 "Hilfreich"-
“Sauberkeit ist ein Problem”
1 von 5 Sternen Bewertet am 16. Oktober 2013

Ich übernachtete hier als Teil einer Gruppe von Geschäftsleuten, die ein externes Meeting abhielt.

Unsere Fahrer hatten unterschiedlich viel Erfolg, das Hotel zu finden, obwohl es Schilder gibt.

Als wir ankamen sah das Hotel zwar schön aus. Aber mit dem Seil, dass Taxis davon abhalten soll Fahrgäste direkt vor der Tür abzusetzen, war es nicht sehr einladend. Als ich mich dann endlich mit meinem Koffer, Laptop und Gruppenmaterial fürs Meeting hineingekämpft hatte, fand ich gleich den Empfang, wurde prompt eingecheckt und man half mir aufs Zimmer, aber ohne mir die üblichen Angaben zu geben, wo der Konferenzraum, das Restaurant, usw. liegen.

Der Konferenzraum selbst war hell und gut belüftet, aber hier fanden wir auch unser erstes Problem mit den Standards des Hotels, als ein paar Mäuse sich dazu entschlossen, an unserem Meeting teilzunehmen. Sie hasteten durchs Zimmer und über die Beistelltische. Ich hoffe, das Büfett, das wir in dem Raum eingenommen hattten, war nicht unbeaufsichtigt gewesen.

Die Einstellung des Personals war durchwachsen, aber die Vorgehensweise des Hotels, wie es mit den Gästen umgeht, ist wahrscheinlich am Besten mit dem Umstand zusammengefasst, dass zum Mittag- und Abendessen bereits geöffnete Flaschen von (billigem, scheußlichem) Rot- und Weißwein auf den Tischen bereitstanden. Ein billiger Trick und unangebracht. Einen anderen Wein zu bestellen war eine Herausforderung, denn das hieß, sowohl ein Mitglied des Personals als auch eine Weinliste zu finden - eine nicht sehr leichte Aufgabe!

Die Bar ist falsch benannt, denn die bestand aus einer unbeaufsichtigten Kaffeemaschine (anscheinend die Einzige im ganzen Hotel, was die Pausenzeiten noch unnötig in die Länge zog) und ein paar Flaschen Bier. Für alle anderen Getränke war es erforderlich, dass der Barmann (mit Empfangschef, Manager, usw.) zum Restaurant bummelte.

Und zu guter Letzt haben sich noch ein paar aus unserer Gruppe über Insektenbisse beschwert, was, da unser Besuch Anfang Oktober stattfand und wegen unserer Kleidung, die wir tagsüber trugen, nur in der Nacht von etwas, das in den Betten war, stammen konnte.

Man kann mit Sicherheit sagen, dass wir nicht wiederkommen.

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castelluccia, Responsabile relazioni con la clientela von Castello della Castelluccia, hat diese Bewertung kommentiert, 19. Oktober 2013
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Thank you Mrs. J M for your not really fair and incomplete review.

Being your tone a bit sarcastic, if not even irreverent in some point, and quite hard, if even slandering in some other part, we are confident you will grant to us to respond with a tone, at least, rightly firm.
Let us say that the choice to write your complaint on TA, after your direct email, while we were still replying to it, without waiting our reply, just to have a complete scenary of the events and behavior, looks at least an unfair behavior.

We have read your previous email and now your feedback on TA with high attention and, we are still fairly surprised by some notes, including the fact that for the most part of your complaint, as you wrote in your previous direct email, you "didn’t have time to inform us” while you were here.
You had been here for three days and two nights, not exactly few minutes.

Let's touch all the points

1. The rope over the front gate is not forbidding or an unwelcoming signal. Even if we can understand your point of view, as you have certainly seen, the front side is one of the most beautiful part of the Castle. Its centuries-old pine trees and olive tree that frame the facade of the Castle, can be seen from at least one hundred meters far, welcoming our guests with, we are confident, the right and deserved feeling. If it would be fulfilled of cars, it would not leave the same emotional impression. We have put a rope, not a chain, a bar or a gate, exactly to allow it can be moved from our personnel, when needed, to assist our guests with their bags, as it happened with you and all your guest, and as it happens with all our guests. Always.

Another point is that there were two direction poles, positioned in the strategic point of the common areas, indicating, with the name of your company, the meeting rooms and the restaurant allocated to you.
We know only now that you didn’t saw them.
Since you were the contact person for your guests, if you’d informed us, we could place the poles according to your preferences, allowing your guests to find rooms in a easier way.
Anyway, none of your guest at all came to us asking where the room was.
Maybe they saw the directions poles.

2. Number of mice in the meeting room
Put in this world it sounds horrible and left us perplexed. “A number of mice scurrying around the room and over the side tables” looks like a sort of invasion. We wonder how can be possible that nobody came to the reception screaming out or with hands through his hair to ask for a quick intervention.
In your previous email, you wrote:

“we observed a number of mice in the meeting room. When I advised our contact at the hotel he simply shrugged”.

These way to report facts needs to be refuted.

By our part, we took your information with calm, and also with surprise, and to us remaining calm does not mean glossing, nor shrug.
But, rather than triggering unnecessary alarms, we literally flipped the Castle without find any of those mice, which can be plausible, being (not seen) mice well known to be clever.
In any case we went deeper, and still we are, on the question (still not finding any mouse).
We can say in complete serenity that, being aware that in the countryside, where the Castle is located, it's normal the presence of mice, it’s also normal to us to prevent the mice presence, not only inside the building, but in all areas of the Castle, with special treatment, mouse repellent, and traps. This is the first time that someone talk as about any mouse in the Castle.

With the utmost respect, we find your comment “I hope the buffet we had consumed in the room hadn't been left unattended” not only (a bit?) caustic, but rather seems deliberately based on falsehood.
We must remember to you that, AGAINST THE OPINION OF OUR STAFF, your required to have lunch SERVED and LEFT IN the meeting room, ASKING also to the waiter to LEAVE the room!
This is cannot certainly be meant as “left unattended” or not having care of hygiene from our part.
We consider this an unjust way, and definitely unfair on your part, to complaint.
Hygiene, cleanliness, and food quality is one of our strength point.
As you certainly know, in Italy food is considered a very serious question.
If you knew how many control measures are imposed by Italian law on food, you would know that, if your assumption were true, our hotel and restaurant would have no chances to exist, while the numerous events and guests reviews testify the contrary.

3. the approach of the hotel to its guests
This is another topic point that we should consider slandering from your part. If in the first time we could have supposed that there was a misunderstanding, now it really seems that your intent is to slander.
To complete the scene we report what you wrote in your previous email:

“Opening bottles of house wine before we get to a meal is a cheap trick to force us to pay for wine we would not necessarily consume. Have you considered offering a wine list? You may find that the wine chosen provides your business with a better return”

We try to explain once more, for the sake of clarity and truth.

a. There is not any cheap trick. As we replied in our previous email, and as you know very well, wine was included in the menu, and the bottles had to be opened to air out wine. This is a normal procedure due to guarantee the best taste of the wine, that should be done, as per widely well known sommeliers rules, at least one hour before to be served.
Probably you had a wrong impression, and we are sorry for this, even if your words seem they can be interpreted as based on prejudice on your part, as if we expected the first opportunity for someone plucking.
It would have been sufficient ask to our restaurant manager or the last waiter – it’s difficult to think that you were not able to find anybody to ask - who would have willingly give you explanations. Also he would certainly add, with his big pleasure, some more information on the type of wine and its features.

b. When wine is included in the menu, if nobody ask us to order another kind, we think that proposing our wine list on our own initiative, this yes, would really be a cheap trick.
Certainly our business, like in any company, is to sell our services and products, but always without any pressure and with maximum respect of our guests.

c. We do not have any “cheap” wine, and much less “nasty” – these words are very offensive from your part - while we have a selection that includes good and excellent, till the top wines. The wines included in your menu were a very good selection. But it can happens that someone doesn’t like it, being certainly a matter of taste, not necessarily a lack of wine knowledge.

4. Bar
We wonder how many coffee machines should be expected to find in a bar, but, just to your knowledge, there is another coffee machine in our back office by the restaurant, another one by the bar on the terrace, another one by the swimming pool (when in season), and another portable one (with capsules) that we use for coffee breaks.
Anyway, as previously reported, you asked for all services, during your full-day meeting, directly in the meeting room, including the coffee break which was based on american coffee, ready in the thermos, not needing any coffee machine, even if we put the one with capsules. We wonder how it was possible to “rather extending the time required” being anything already in the meeting room..

We cannot help but think that there is a sort of bad faith on your part, if we mind the fact that you don’t report what you wrote in your previous email about the bar. So, in a view of the maximum transparency, let us report the following part from it:

“Your restaurant appears to have a selection of drinks available – why are these not available in the bar? Also, if you are not providing a wine list then there should be ample staff to assist”.

And our faithfully reported reply:

“We must split in three nights this point.
- The first night, when arrived the first 3 guests, after 11.00 pm, just 15 minutes later their check-in, they asked for the bar, that was already closed.
Our waiter served them anyway, but probably they expected something more than beer. We beg your pardon for this. We will consider the possibility to take disciplinary action against this waiter, who missed to give the service due.
- The second night, as per your request, the bar was open until midnight and there was a larger choice of drinks than at the restaurant.
To complete the question related to the bar, we must tell you that, the last night, later than 1.00am, the night porter heard some light rumors coming from the bar, where he found some of your guests taking some bottles of beer from the refrigerator, without asking to anybody the permission. We didn’t say anything, for delicacy and respect, limiting ourselves to charge the amount due.”

This report is due just to confirm that we try to amply assist the most possible our guests, to give them the best service possible, even when not available, or even more when out of time, and also if someone can have, even just a little bit, a fluffy behavior.

5. Insect bites
For the same reason referred to mice, being the Castle in the countryside, we are used to prevent insect infestation with pest and insect control several times in a year. The temperature this year was higher and longer lasting than usual, thereby we made it some more times. Obviously we cannot prevent the 100% of them, being in the countryside, but please note that no one – no one - of your guest told us that he had been bitten, and we can add in complete serenity that no other guests, before and after your stay, did it.

We do not report some other suggestion that you gave us in your previous direct email, just not to bore tripadvisor readers, but be certain that we take care of any complaint, suggestion and critics, also if hard, but we cannot accept any falsehood and any slander.

With the utmost respect
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7 "Hilfreich"-<br>Wertungen 7 "Hilfreich"-
3 von 5 Sternen Bewertet am 17. September 2010

Die Lage des Hotels ist fantastisch. Eine lange private Straße führt zum Castello. Das Gebäude ist wunderschön. Der Ausblick super. Es ist so wie man sich das wünscht. Doch dann gibt es eben doch ein paar Punkte die mir nicht so gut gefallen haben. Das Zimmer war ok. Etwas im alten Chic. Es könnte, vor allem das Badezimmer, von einer kleinen Modernisierung sicherlich profitieren. Das Abendessen war OK. Es gibt sicherlich bessere Restaurants in der Nähe. Das Frühstück war gar nicht so mein Geschmack. Aber da ist jeder wohl ein wenig anders.

  • Aufenthalt September 2010, Business
    • 3 von 5 Sternen Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
    • 5 von 5 Sternen Lage
    • 4 von 5 Sternen Schlafqualität
    • 4 von 5 Sternen Zimmer
    • 3 von 5 Sternen Sauberkeit
    • 3 von 5 Sternen Service
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Anschrift: Via Carlo Cavina, 00123 Rom, Italien
Lage: Italien > Lazio > Rom
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